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UGHE e-Studio Technologies

The e-Learning studio is for everyone at UGHE. Please watch the above video for an explanation of available technologies.

UGHE Style Guide for Canvas

The UGHE Style Guide for Canvas is a set of recommended standards to use when creating your online course. For example the Style Guide has recommendations for online components such as: Page Layout, Color Palette, Typography, Images and so on.

E-Learning's Seven Part Structure

The framework that e-Learning uses at UGHE considers seven important pieces:
1. Institution: Is e-Learning aligned with UGHE goals?
2. Management: Are the numerous aspects of e-Learning (Canvas, Osmosis, Studio) properly managed?
3. Support: Does e-Learning provide helpful and timely support?
4. Technology: Does e-Learning provide students and faculty with technology assistance?
5. Pedagogy: Does e-Learning provide faculty assistance with improving the pedagogy of their online courses?
6. Evaluation: Is e-Learning providing helpful evaluations of online courses?
7. Ethics: Does e-Learning consider the ethics of its activities?

To Schedule a Studio Appointment:

Have a large project?
Not sure what you need?
Request a consultation to see how we may be of service.
Students and faculty can schedule a meeting through  Doodle.

To book the e-Learning Studio you can use the scheduler on the studio page

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