UGHE is committed to equity, and here at e-Learning we are committed to ensuring that equity is maintained in our online teaching and learning environments. If you are an instructor in a course offered through the UGHE portal and have a student who is having difficulty accessing the course material, please contact e-Learning and we can address this issue.

Within Canvas, several tools exist to help ensure your content is available to all of your students. For example, within Canvas there is an Accessibility Checker tool that checks common accessibility errors within the editor. The Accessibility Checker can be found at the lower right when you have a page in Canvas opened in the Rich Content Editor. 

Accessibility Checker

The Immersive Reader in Canvas can read text aloud for students who have difficulty reading text off the page. The Immersive reader can be found in the upper right of all Canvas pages. For more information on how to use the Immersive Reader please visit the Instructure Canvas Community page which explains how to use the Reader in your courses. 

immersive reader