Instructional Technologies

Instructional Technologies

Of course, outside of Canvas there are other technologies that e-Learning can assist you with developing for your courses. If there is a technology not listed below please contact us and we can assist 


Screencast-O-Matic allows instructors to record their lectures using a laptop screen recorder and the laptop’s camera. E-Learning can provide you with access to this software and training and assistance with loading recorded movie files into Canvas or a preferred location, such as YouTube.

Microsoft Tools

Microsoft tools are a ubiquitous part of academic life. E-Learning can help you improve your Microsoft skills through on-demand training or through a scheduled session. For example, this year, we created a session on how to improve your PowerPoints.

Video Production

E-Learning at UGHE can assist you in the creation of videos for your courses and other academic endeavors. For example last year we assisted Dr. Janna Schurer with a video related to podoconiosis program. E-Learning also has the ability to broadcast live events and help you record your presentations.



If you are interested in adding animation to your courses please contact Obed Bigirimana for a consultation.