Microsoft Tools

UGHE is migrating from G-suites to Office 365, and below are easy-to-follow steps for users to ease the migration for all users with guidance documents and videos:

1.) Log in

Log in to Office 365 online with your UGHE email address and the associated password

2.) Download and install

Download and install offline Office 365 Apps If you haven’t already done so
In the top right corner click on Install Office ⇒ Office 365 apps

3.) Migrate

Migrate your Google Drive to OneDrive
Guide Document

MacBook guide video

Windows guide video

4.) Migrate your Google Calendar

Migrate Google calendar to Office 365 calendar (Outlook)
Guide document
Video document

5.) Install Office 365 mobile apps

iPhone (iOS)


6.) Familiarize yourself 

Familiarize yourself with Office 365 with the following documents/videos


Office 360 Full Guide

Word Document

PowerPoint Presentation



Support email: and/or