OLS for Faculty

Osmosis, Lecturio, and ScholarRx for Faculty

  • There are three main online resources that MBBS  faculty members use as resources to teach students in the Basic Sciences.


ScholarRx: Scholar Rx is a medical education platform with a wide array of useful PDFs, videos, and practice questions for pre-clinical and clinical education. Scholar Rx also provides access to the First Aid 2019 textbook – one of the most popular medical review student guide books for the USMLE test. First Aid on Scholar Rx includes well-summarized and comprehensive facts and diagrams for medical students and faculty.

  Lecturio provides the most comprehensive content base and the most advanced unified technology platform, including assignments, tracking, assessment, immediate data analysis, video hosting and authoring. It offers the necessary digital support layer for modern teaching approaches, such as flipped classroom teaching, problem- and case-based learning, active learning and simulation, as well as mastery-directed advancement. Using Lecturio can save institutions extensive cost and effort, enabling them to add their own content to match their curricula, teaching styles, facilities, faculty and student