OLS for Students

Osmosis, Lecturio, and ScholarRx

Osmosis, Lecturio and ScholarRx are three learning resources that you will use as a  medical school student. E-Learning will provide you with access to these resources and assistance when you require help.


  • Osmosis is a medical education learning platform that consolidates various pre-clinical and clinical content in videos, articles, and practice questions on a web application. Osmosis can be used by faculty as a resource for pre-class readings and a source for quiz questions. Students can also use the platform on their own time to personalize their learning through customizable questions, daily flashcards, and practice questions.
  • With Osmosis, students have access to:
    • Medical Education videos: Basic Sciences, Organ Systems & Clinical Reasoning
    • High Yield Notes
    • Question Banks
    • Flashcards
  • If you need help with Osmosis please, contact Nelly Numumaro at nelly.numumaro@student.ughe.org


  • Scholar Rx is a medical education platform with a wide array of useful pdfs, videos, and practice questions for pre-clinical and clinical education. Scholar Rx also provides access to the First Aid 2019 textbook – one of the most popular medical review student guide books for the USMLE test. First Aid on Scholar Rx includes well-summarized and comprehensive facts and diagrams for medical students and faculty.
  • The site includes:
    • Rx Bricks: Chapter Summaries of different Basic Sciences and Medical topics
    • Question banks
    • Flashcards
    • Express videos


    • Lecturio is an all-in-one study resource for medical students that combines learning science and medical education into one easy-to-use platform. You can access a variety of high-yield medical video lectures, take a closer look at the human body with scientifically-accurate 3D anatomy models, test your knowledge and assess your learning progress by answering interactive quiz questions, and prepare for exams using the most advanced question bank available. Even better, all of Lecturio’s exam-style clinical case questions include text and video answer explanations. With your account, you have access to:
      • 7,000+ video lectures taught by medical experts from the best medical and nursing institutions in the world including
      • Smart recall quizzes with a long term mastery algorithm for review timing
      • 1,200+ illustrated and downloadable textbook articles
      • 5.000+ clinical case questions you can use for practice tests
      • Question Bank AI tutor
    • Introduction video: https://vimeo.com/674901174/50f45c1e5f
    • For support, contact help@lecturio.com