Zoom for Faculty

Zoom for Faculty

Zoom at UGHE is managed by the Information Technology Department. If you have technical questions about Zoom, please contact the IT Department for assistance.  However, e-Learning can help you in implementing best practices in Zoom through the use of Zoom polls and breakout rooms.  If you would like to know more about using these features in Zoom, please schedule a session with e-Learning.

Pedagogical Resources for Zoom:

Swarthmore College offers an overview of student engagement techniques instructors can employ while teaching via Zoom.

The University of Iowa’s Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology provides a practical guide for teaching with Zoom, including creative assignment options.

The University of Minnesota provides a “How-To” guide for teaching online class sessions with Zoom.

Zoom offers Tips & Tricks for teachers educating on Zoom.


To download a Zoom background, click on an image at right, when it opens, click right on the image and select save image as and  save it to your computer. To change your background follow these directions.