Zoom for Students

Zoom for Students

Zoom is the video conferencing platform used by instructors to deliver live instructions. Synchronous sessions are offered mainly using Zoom. You will be provided with a Zoom link for each class you will take. In order to connect to a Zoom meeting you will need to have a functioning Zoom desktop account or a Zoom mobile app installed on your phone. 

Please watch this video to learn how you can download Zoom app and how you can start using it in your classes.

Zoom Etiquettes

Taking a class online using zoom or attending a meeting using look is challenging. Most of the time you are in a place that is not conducive to attending a meeting online. There are different tips you can use to minimize distribution when you are attending a zoom meeting or a class using zoom:

There might be noises or disruptive sound from where you are. Muting your mike prevents from other people to hear what is happening in your area thus stay focused on the presenter.

Turning off and on is a good practice. Imagine what will happen if there is something funny behind you? In addition, the camera uses high internet bandwidth and that interrupts the sounds. Turning your camera off can contribute to a smooth conversation.

You are not the only one attending the session or meeting. More than one person might want to speak at the same time. Raising your hand allows the presenter to select choose who speaks first.

There is a tendency of visiting your social media platforms during the session. Turning off social media notifications can help in this scenario.