UGHE e-Learning — Home of interactive, technology-enhanced learning.

The e-Learning department serves as a bridge between faculty, students, and staff in an effort to improve the learning experience of UGHE students. We leverage the power of various Learning Management Systems and other new technologies to design interactive and engaging learning content.

Our team of Big Thinkers

Matthew Ames

Head of e-Learning

Alain Patrick Irere Hirwa

Assistant Instructional Technologist

Ange Bertin Izere

Work Study

Sylivia Dushime

Work Study

Jerry Mugisha

Work Study

Genisse Mumy Ingabire

Work Study

See Your ideas come to life

Let’s get creative

The e-Learning Department has a variety of e-Learning technologies to help solve numerous problems, create interesting new ways to understand medical knowledge and develop content specifically for the East African context.

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